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    I wore RM for the first time yesterday. I put it on pulse spots and beard. My friend and I love the scent. A good and new refreshing scent with subtle andron type lingering in background. I sat in the crowded arena at the circus and enjoyed the squirming kids,women,and men all around me. They were extremely friendly and nice. Mesmerized by the performance and pheromones. Bruce this stuff is great! Thanks.

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    Default Re: RM to the Circus

    So how much did you exactly apply? 2 or 3 dabs? I take it you didn\'t notice any OD effects?

    I\'m pretty curious about what it smells like. Lots of people are now saying it smells great, does that mean the cat piss smell is hard to detect?

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    I just dab a forefinger and dabbed on pulse points and beard. It doesn\'t have a cat piss(urine smell) or BO it is more of a background odor of clean sweat if there is such a thing. I just remember my Dad who was a laboror coming home and picking me up after a day of work at the saw mill or rail way. It is a similar good male odor to me. I can\'t wait to try it at my sales set up. I\'ll bet it will draw the women in.
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