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    Default My thought on pheros so far

    I\'ve been wearing pheros to college this whole year. Not everyday, but for most of the week. I get smiles, and hi\'s and general niceness.

    What I\'ve been doing for the last two weeks, because it was the final 2 weeks of the semester before summer was to not wear any pheros on any of the days.

    What have I observed? Not to draw heat from anyone, but I was still being treated nice with respect. In some ways, better. The hair twirling and the giggling from the opposite sex still happened.

    What\'s my verdict? Undecided. Maybe I never needed pheros. Maybe I used pheros as kind of a clutch into thinking of having an edge over others. I believe that anyone can get a reaction from even the hottest, most unattainable\'s called personality and charm.

    Will I still use and buy more phero products? Hell yeah. Placebo or not, if I think confidence and attrativeness comes from a bottle and I THINK it works, why stop. It\'s healthier than being drunk.

    Still waiting for my Rogue set. Seems like other people in LA have gotten theirs but I haven\'t yet.

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    Default Re: My thought on pheros so far

    I think there are many times where people on this forum might read too much into things that happen and want to attribute it to pheromones, when maybe it\'s got nothing really to do with them. Maybe in the hope of justifying the cost or hope they really do work because of their potential. Other times maybe pheromones play an indirect role, in that wearing them makes you feel more confident or makes you want to try them out, so you put yourself in situations that you wouldn\'t normally do. Which ends up you get a response just because you put yourself in a position more likely to get one. Of course other times, maybe pheromones have a direct impact considering all the studies done in more controlled environments that suggest they do have an effect on us. Day to day pheromone use could be made up of some, more, or non of each of those possibilities. Not to mention variables like personality, looks, attitude, age, lifestyle, previous experience, previous contact, circumstances, mood, who you are with, environment, fate, body language, vocal communication, time of the month, etc.

    For example, if you are quite attractive, but have low self-esteem and go out more thanks to the confidence wearing pheromones gives you or just to try them out, you socialise more and you get attention because you are quite attractive and putting yourself in a situation to get a response. But you put it all down to using pheromone products, because you don\'t consider yourself attractive (as well as other reasons maybe). Maybe pheromones played a part in making you even more attractive or get you more attention, break the ice, etc..but you\'d be hard pressed to quantify which variable had the most impact on the outcome. It is very easy to put it all down to pheromones, when that might not be the whole story. I guess that is why most studies done on pheromones, lack real-life human experiences of them. Because there are so many variables in real-life, trying to do a scientific study would be difficult. You\'d have a hell of a job trying to isolate the pheromone variable amongst all the other variables that could or do play their part in attraction. Where as with less developed animals, there are less variables and pheromones probably play a bigger part in attraction for them.

    But if in humans, using pheromone products is just enough to tip the scales of attraction and give you that edge, I guess you can argue no matter how small a direct effect they have on us, if they work, they work. Even if their effect are mainly indirect or it\'s all in the mind. I guess it depends if the size of extra response you get using them is worth the money and/or effect you have to put in using them. Any lack of extra response of course could be for any number of reasons though. Maybe not putting yourself in enough forward situations to get a response, or maybe you are attractive enough to get good responses on your own and can\'t tell the difference, etc.

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    Default Re: My thought on pheros so far

    That\'s the way I see it.

    I\'ve been using the four products I bought back in January and have yet to see anything I\'d attribute to them. I don\'t have a confidence problem or trouble approaching strangers and engaging them in conversation, so when I do that now and get the same favorable reactions as I did without wearing them, what should I be crediting the pheromones for ?

    I definately think they \'work\'; but not to the same degree for everyone and probably not at all for some which I believe is the group that I fit in.

    I\'m fasinated with the subject and love reading about some of the impressive \'hits\' received but can\'t help but laugh about other \'hits\' that\'s only normal, everyday behavior that must have went unnoticed before pheromone use. LOL, I remember one account where someone contributed extra ketchup packets being thrown in the bag from wearing the stuff ... [img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]

    \" This NEVER happened to me before !!! \"

    LOL! Come on ... isn\'t this stretching it just alittle too far ? Geez, how bad were things before SoE ... ? [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    Seriously, what\'s most important is if your attitude is so much better because of wearing pheros, then absolutely keep using them because a positive, confident attitude can not be over rated no matter what it is you\'re after. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: My thought on pheros so far

    The way to appraoch this is if ?

    It is a mental thing only giving the wearer an effect of having an edge over others, well it gives self confidence and is a hell of a lot cheaper than counselling or seeing a quack (no pun intended)

    If it is real my approach is best - put it on and forget it just do youre normal life thing and if you notice unusuall things happening often and all the time and they keep happening then you are seeing the stuff go to work.

    On another point i have found the one effect is to use pheromones as a repellent, i have been working out heaps and as a result stopped using pheromones for a while and still had women hanging around but only being \"attention seekers\" so i ignore the ones i aint interested in but the 40 odd yr old women still keep hovering (22 myself) and after the young ones but i intimidate there of course so to keep the ederly women away i use None heavy products or SOE and OD to a state where they get the talkies and giggles and then they have to go to talk to each other because they might do something they dont want to do or it gets to much and then i get space.
    Even us good well worked (put the effort in of course) blokes need a break occasionaly one would think women wanted men who could communicate or were smart (i used to be skinny) and always was ignored worked out and guess what ill tell you women want money 1st and then the hunks 2nd and everyone else fights it out for 3rd.


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