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    Default SOE as cognitive enhancer (HB_88)

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    posted May 17, 2002 14:03

    Has anyone noticed a mild nootropic effect from SOE? It seems to me that most other pheromones and essential oils, even below the overdose threshold, have the opposite effect -- they leave me feeling distracted. (SOE doesn\'t contain NONE, IIRC. Maybe it\'s the NONE in everything else that\'s messing with my cognition.)

    Yesterday, I was feeling distracted at work and consequently not getting much done; almost immediately after applying SOE, this feeling was partially (but not completely) alleviated. The stuff doesn\'t work miracles -- I tried the experiment again after midnight when trying to stay awake surfing the net, and it didn\'t do much. However, it should be noted that I\'m enduring caffeine withdrawal , which can diminish the effects of almost any nootropic.

    Congratulations, JVK -- you may have inadvertently invented the world\'s best- smelling smartdrug.

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    Default Re: SOE as cognitive enhancer (HB_88)

    Bruce -- thanks for reposting this. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: SOE as cognitive enhancer (HB_88)

    I\'m not sure but Iv\'e used 2 of the SOE gel paks and I realy feel great and enjoy the odor when I am wearing it. It reminds me of a childhood experience of being held by my Dad and the pleasant odors from his hard labor work. I find myself sniffing the wrist where I applied it. It is quite long lasting too If i do not wash it off.
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