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    Default Skeptic\'s alternative views important

    All skeptic and alternative viewpoints of substance are good imput for balance on the forum. Most of us who have been using pheromones for some time know the results. We also know the lack of results our own and those who have tried products and sent them back because they didn\'t work for them. However there is a distinct difference between those individuals and the individuals who attack
    members without content reason or facts.
    They may be just playing around for effect of their own weird satisfaction.
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    Default Re: Skeptic\'s alternative views important

    Healthy discussion and debate is one thing. Unfortunately, some must take on the role of the religious zelot, who must relieve us poor deluded souls of the irritating and tedious neccessity of thinking for ourselves.

    Intolerance, I believe is the agreed naming, and the world, it would seem, has an abundant supply.


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