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    Default Re: My challenge for all you guys gettings hits

    I\'m in about the same boat as Ace. I have noticed that people will stay and talk to me seemingly FOREVER.

    I wouldn\'t say that the womenfolk ran from me hid in their chalets, but it IS a tool that makes people friendlier.

    Here\'s one thing I\'ve noticed with -none products: They telegraph your mood. In my job, I have no choice but to deal with people, fom college freshmen, through senior faculty members. When I\'m in a good mood, they seem to gravitate toward me; when I\'m lacking sleep, or something else that puts me in a dark mood, they stay away from me. I don\'t have to say a word, but even without so much as looking at them, they just seem to know.

    A lot of it seems to deal with one\'s attitude at any given time.

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    Default Re: My challenge for all you guys gettings hits

    Mr. Whoever (shouldn\'t it be \"Whomever\"?) does have a valid point - our \"metric\" for success is very subjective. What is a \"hit\" and do they really increase in number and/or intensity? Even at their most powerful, pheromones only influence human behavior, they don\'t determine it! (Mr. Kohl may want to refine that condition to \"adult social behavior.\")

    Given the excessive marketing zeal of some purveyors of pheromones (not Bruce), a healthy skepticsm is warranted.

    Given that my metric is subjective and my money is discretionary - I\'ll do as I damn well please and all of you can do the same.
    I will state that my mature, considered judgment is that pheromones can be used, artfully, to generate positive behavioral and social interactions in excess of the situational norm. Your results may differ.

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    Default Re: My challenge for all you guys gettings hits

    You can\'t dispute the scientific research,and you\'re not going to convince anyone around here. I have stop using from one to two weeks, and when I wear them again I see a huge difference. I do admit some people kind of over exaggerate on hits, and it\'s not a guarantee you\'ll get pussy every time you use it. Personally I don\'t believe your story of you using 3 years and nothing happening that\'s just plain BS, so in reality your just a Troll that just wants to come on the boards and piss people off.

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    Default Re: My challenge for all you guys gettings hits

    Okay, I give up, it\'s all just a big hoax. Since all of those products you bought over the past 3 years are bunk, why don\'t I just go ahead and take them off your hands, free of charge.

    As for your \"challenge\", I do not wear pheromones every day. I am an engineering student (which is equivalent to a hermit), I do not get out much. I have performed my own little experiments, as have many others here.

    I said \"Trust me\" in a kind of friendly way, you don\'t have to if you don\'t want to and I couldn\'t care less.

    Oh yeah.... [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img] TROLL [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

    Some one had to say it...

    [ May 16, 2002: Message edited by: Splinter ]

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    Default Re: My challenge for all you guys gettings hits

    Ok, personally, I have not gotten any obvious hits from the pheros i\'ve used. Some mild hits that, true, might be coincidence, and I still keep my skepticism. I don\'t know if they would have happened without pheros, maybe.

    However, I don\'t doubt that others have had hits that are real hits. I keep my skepticism, whoever, and i\'m sure that others are intelligent enough to do so as well. I believe their hits. And I\'m willing to keep trying since i\'m very new to pheros. However, as oscar said, i would not waste my money for 3 years.

    Speaking of Oscar, I have to agree with spiderwebster. Oscar is very intelligent and not only that but very kind to boot. He\'s always willing to help newbies(like me [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]hi again oscar!) and wasn\'t even mean to you after you insulted him. Heaven knows i\'d be sorely tempted to if you\'d said the same to me. So lay off Oscar, he\'s a very well respected member of this forum. If you continue to insult him you\'d be surprised how many of us jump out of the woodwork to defend him.

    And I also agree with naughty monkey, i hardly care what you think. People expressing their ideas is all good and well but in such an inflamatory manner? Whatever, movin\' on.


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    Default Re: My challenge for all you guys gettings hits


    A flame passe..

    Seriously, does it matter? If the people buying into this stuff gain the results they want, be it placebo effect, confidence boost, or imagination, it doesn\'t matter. They are happy playing. If in that playing it makes them more observant of human behaviour, then thats a positive benefit. The very belief is enough, for if it changes their perception of the world, and their reactions to it in a positive way, it has enhanced their lives. Boomshankah! Money well spent. Lots of people believe in God. God may not exist, it cannot be proven. The faith of these people, in a diety that cannot be proven to exist, enhances their lives, gives them belief in a higher order of things, in a word faith. Faith empowers people to do things that they would otherwise believe that they are incapable of. Maybe its not a case of pheros not working, just a failure to believe that it is possible.


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    Default Re: My challenge for all you guys gettings hits

    as they once told me

    \"Believe in them and they will work\" no fool no fun. If you doubt that they work then why buy.....Dont be fooled by imitation pheros believe that you and the pheros are of one (mind and soul)...They dont work for you because you have that bad attitude towards them...shhhh they can hear you... [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: My challenge for all you guys gettings hits

    This is a silly thread, I really do not care what \"whoever\" thinks. If this man is so stupid as to find himself in his situation then its his outlook. I care passionately about helping people where I can but I am no good with just plain old stupidity...........


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