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    Any experiences to help answer this question? When the NPA seemingly starts to smell a little bad (maybe \"bad\" is not the right word -- maybe \"different\" is better) towards the end of the day, does it still have the same effect as it did earlier in the day?


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    Wiseman ..i have noticed it working well passed 12 hrs ..i also just re apply more cologne over said spot to keep from smelling the NPA!

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    Hey Wiseman,

    In my dealings with NPA I have found that the NPA stays on hairs (body,i.e. Arm, necks head etc.)and fabric for a long long long time. It seems to be still active. It is the cologne used to cover it fades and the NPA remains.

    Try this test. Take a drop or two of NPA put it on your arm (I use the back or top side above wrist). Spray a bit of cologne to cover. Then see how long it takes for the cologne to fade with the pheros still remaining. I have found that even after a 24 hour period (prior to shower) the phero smell is still there. In fabric you can smell the pheros when you pull from dryer, or when you walk outside on a hot day (I live in AZ).

    Anyway there ya go.


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