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    Default A couple of hits, sorta creepy but good I guess

    I went to Dennys last night (the only place open after like 11 PM in my area, so it is sort of the default hang out for most of us).

    I went with a female friend. I had a decent amount of pheros on (three sprays of TE) because another one of my female friends (and definitely a target) left a message on my machine that she broke up with her boyfriend and wanted to talked to me about it (She said, \"Good News, well, Good News for you, I guess bad for me, me and blah, blah, blah broke. I want to see you tonite\")This story is getting convoluted I know. Anyway, she never called or showed up at my place but I still had the pheros on. So I went to Dennys with a non-target.

    She was playful and flirty, I guess her period was over. On Friday, when she stopped by again out of nowhere and I was wearing -none she was a monster, we fought, and she bitched about me to all my friends. Tonight, she was laughing and sorta flirting. She talked about maybe taking a break from her boyfriend, and talked about how women love sex just as much as men, maybe more, and that she thinks she needs some friends with benefits.

    At this point, our waitress came over and sat down with us. I\'m a regular at Dennys (oh god how sad does that sound) but this girl was new. She started playing with my hair and telling me that she knows me from some movie, but she doesn\'t know which one. She asked me to come in often, so maybe she can figure out where she knows me from. I just smiled and played along. She\'s cute, not a knock out, but cute enough.

    Later on three girls from my old high school sat by us and ended up joining our table to talk to me. I have no idea who these girls are, I graduated a long time before they did. They were definitely digging me. I guess that\'s good, but they were definitely 17 or 18 years old.

    Of course, when I\'m looking for a woman 21-25, all the f\'n hits I get are women over 40 and girls under 20.

    We\'ll figure this one out yet,

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    Default Re: A couple of hits, sorta creepy but good I guess

    so you were wearing three sprays of TE?? were you wearing anything else?? thats some awesome hits....congrads!!!!

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