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    There\'s a lot of I suspect there\'s alot of A-nol in the SP oils because you will definitely get reactions with SPMO and NPA (JB #2), but I\'m super curios out this JB #1 + SOE that Paul (Donald Duck) is talking about. I imagine it will have the same chatty effect.

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    Looks like the Dynamic Duo offer for men is the ideal product for the JB#1 mix.

    I\'ve been trying JB#1 at work, with friends, in the shops, on the underground (that\'s \"subway\" to the Americans), on the bus, but haven\'t noticed anything unusual. But then again, the English aren\'t noted for their friendly behaviour to strangers in public [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    Been very curious as to the Dynamic Duo offer for women....but in a men\'s version. That is PF/m and NPA/m in a 7:3 mix. Has anyone actually tried this?

    Another point of curiosity: if PI/w works well for men (just received mine today to mix up a JBM#1 for a date I\'m on tomorrow night), then how would the Dynamic Duo for women (PF/w + NPA/w) work for guys. Has anyone tried this also, or using PF/w and NPA/w separately?

    If PF/m is presumed to have a high -nol content, then I\'d love to know what\'s in PF/w.

    Either way, having more money (at least for this month) than sense [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] , I\'ve ordered the DD/w just to see what the effects might be.

    Not being particularly interested in getting \"hits\" from strangers, I\'m keeping my phero \"arsenal\" for use in 1-2-1 blind date situations.
    JB#2 worked so well on the last one...she wouldn\'t stop talking. There may be something in what another member of the forum suggested, in that association of the memory of pheromones and individuals may be an effect.
    I mention this because the lady I had the date with, every time we\'ve talked on the phone sinc, she WON\'T stop talking. And this was from someone who confesses to being rather quiet around people, yet she feels totally comfortable chatting to me on the phone for over 3 hours !!!!!! [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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