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    Default I applied PI and was offered a 48,000 a year job

    okay everyone, before the hate mail starts, i know that someone is going to be mad at me for this post, but i felt i had to share what happened to me today...i beat out 4 other contestants ( if you will ) for a marketing position in my company...some of the applicants were much more qualified than me, some werent, however, the guy in charge of the hiring was a real alpha male, the \"eat what you kill\" mentality, a huge guy, very type A...i have been a beta male all my life, artistic, sensitive,..all that changed with primal make a long story short, i got the job and wore primal on teh interview..i have never had such an alpha male kiss my rear and try to sell me on the job..yes, it could have been a variety of factors, but i feel like the pi was the deciding factor..he kept making references to me \"taking control\" and how he felt like i would be \"well respected\" by my customers....God, it must have been teh scented pi..then, afterwards, i went to the local CHilis bar to have a beer ...oh my god, if you guys dont get resluts from Pi, do this: i apply three drops on my forehead, wrists and neck( 3 drops total)...i guess almost an od, but you will start getting hits from chicks and guys ( believe it or not) half across the room..all you have to do is just sit there for a few and let the mones spread across the room, even if you get up and go to the bathroom, they spread the mones across the room and the chicks start picking up on the scent and follow you in for the kill...anyway, to make a long story short, life is good...thank you PI!! for those that doubt, hell, just put on 3 drps, go into a club somewhere, and just what happens, watch the body language, the looks, observe the people around will see something positive i promise!!

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    Default Re: I applied PI and was offered a 48,000 a year job

    Just the PI ; no colonge or after shave to mask the smell ?

    Congratulations and best of luck owith the new job !

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    Default Re: I applied PI and was offered a 48,000 a year job

    jim, no, i got the scented pi which has the ylang scent to it...i really like the way it smells, although the yang scent fades in like an hour or so, but the mones keep right on have to be careful not to od on PI has its very very easy to do, however, you wear it enough and you start getting to wear you can smell it..i also am a big fan of jb#1, which i also have great success with!! thank you for your congrads on the job..something tells me i never would have had the kahonnies to even apply for this job( which was about $13,000 above my present position in salary and responsiblity)....all i can say is thank you love scent!!!

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