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    Default the shit works!@!!

    i dont want to be crude or make anyone mad thats not getting results, but i did a jb#1 in the local ruby tuesdays tonight..and you would think that a hormonal aphordisiac was released in the room....i won\'t bore you with all the details, as people may think im embellishing ,..suffice to say, i met a pretty girl 16 years my junior, who gave me her number on a napkin...the stuff works folks, trust me!!!

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    Default Re: the shit works!@!!

    What\'s your height spiderwebster?

    I need that for the survey (you left it out).


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    Congratulations on your success.

    I have yet to get a definitive response from my first phermomone test with PI/m. You suggested to me to try JB#1, but i am weary of getting results from it. It seems that I am -none negative and u are -none positve, what do you think?

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    xvs: my height is 5\'8, short,...funny, but i now attract women who are taller than me lol
    deepguy: first of all, how old are you? if youre younger ( say 16-20 ) you prolly already produce a good amount of may want to try something with some nol in how old are you first of all? secondly, how many dabs, drps are you applying, and wear?? thirdly, you may very well be oding and not realizing it...i did a post on my recommendation for those that dont seem to get results..its from yestreday i think....let me know the answers to those questions and we will go from there

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    What does it mean to be none negative while some people are none positive.
    And if you one or the other how do you balance out what you lack.

    P.S. Congrats spiderwebster, look forward to trying out JB#1.

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