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    Default Another PI/m hit.

    Tonight i went out to a bar with a couple of male friends. We got a table, sat on the chair and started drinking. Anyway, the table next to us had 4 people, 2 girls, 2 guys. I gathered that they were couples. I wasnt seated for 10 min when the girl that was closest to me (she had her complete back to me) got up, shifted her chair to the other side of her table where her friend was sitting and just faced me, looking at me, smiling, gigling to her gf....this lasted for at least 10 min until she shifted and sat with her back to me again. Now, i dont know if this is normal to other guys, but its never happened to me, especially when the girl had a guy there with her. The other two guys didnt look that impressed i can tell you!

    Used PI/m two drops on neck and in my goatie. Thats it.

    Phero use is weird, this was my only reaction all night, but it was a big one, if not just plain bizarre.

    What i have noticed is that your perception of pheros effectivness drops when the place your at is smokey and alot of different smells from alcohol, hot food, etc. All these scents were competing with the pheros.

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    Default Re: Another PI/m hit.

    hey bronzie: had a similar scenario last night in a club wiht pi on...did several drps on my forehead and goatee...walked in and sat down and in about 20 seconds, the same old scenario began: the women behind the bar started smiling at me and making massive eye contact, the guys around the bar wouldnt make eye contact with me, ..there was a girl with this guy sititng right behind me at a table, and i kept hearing her gigle and laugh and so i kept looking backand her huge boyfriend wouldnt look at me, just kept looking down ahd she was making massive eye contact and laughing and truned her body to face me with just her head facing her boyfriend...lots of fun!!!

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    Default Re: Another PI/m hit.

    JB Bootleg got that effect for me in a club. I was walking by and this woman ran her fingers through my hair (while dancing with another guy).

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    Default Re: Another PI/m hit.

    \"I was walking by and this woman ran her fingers through my hair \"

    Happened to me a lot in the past.

    DAMN MBP!!!!!!!!! [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

    Now they just run her hands through my head [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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