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    Default The Edge sandalwood or unscented

    What do you guys think? To sandalwood/or not to sandalwood?
    I have smelled sandalwood oil and it smells great. Its like relaxing but cool. But is this sandalwood all that is needed to cover the Edge?
    I think I heard of people saying that the sandalwood scent leaves quick and then your left w/ the smell of the Edge. I also have Dolce and Gabbanna and DKNY colognes so I wouldn\'t be affraid to mix\'em.
    Oh I also wanted to ask: how long do cologne\'s last on you guys? Serously I think I get like 2hrs only!? pretty damn expensive for 2hrs only.
    I\'m thinking of buying essential oils from the Essential oil store down in miami.

    Is TE good for mixing? With essential oils or the SPMO?
    Thanks alot PEEAAACCCEEE!!!!

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    Default Re: The Edge sandalwood or unscented

    I don\'t knwo about the Sandalwood smell, as I have the unscented, but I have had no problem mixing TE with the SPMO in small quantities. I don\'t imagine larger quantities would change the results much. You will see some \"swirlies\" in the mixture, but that\'s just the oil trying to be dissolved in the alcohol, or vice versa.

    I have CK Escape and Eternity, and I get much more than 2 hrs out of them at a time. Maybe 2 or 3 sprays gets me at least 5 hours.

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    Default Re: The Edge sandalwood or unscented

    If you think you\'re only getting 2 hrs from D&G, I\'d say either you don\'t have a very good nose or else you\'re perspiring a lot. Of course, there may be something else involved.

    D&G is a quality product and I find it lasts a minimum of 4 hours and is usually still detectable after 8.

    That said, getting the unscented keeps all your options open. You can always add sandalwood essential oil to TE if you want but you can\'t take sandalwood out of TE/s.

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    Default Re: The Edge sandalwood or unscented

    I\'d get unscented since you have cologne to wear. People who don\'t have cologne tend to buy sandalwood. I bought some sandalwood edge and I really don\'t like the smell all that much, so basically I\'m stuck with a very good product with a smell I don\'t exactly like.

    SPMO and unscented edge is known to be a nice combo.

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