Hello, I need your help guys with regards to over-dosing,

I'm 65 yo male, using pheromones for over 10 years, mostly AE on its own.
Last night I went out to a salsa club and I had a hot/cold experience.

I suspect I've OD-ed, since the reaction of my lady target went from great to worst.

Here is what I've used on my each wrist:
2 dabs of Alpha-7
2 rolls of SOE
2 drops of AE
2 sprays of Wildcat(pheromones based cover scent)

At the beginning while we are having the first dance her reaction was all smiles and shiny eyes, considering we never danced before.

At some point just to test her, I've tried to come closer to her body and check her response expecting anything form rejection or acceptance.

Once in close hold to my surprise, she literally pushed her chest into mine, letting me fully feel her boobs.
We dance like that for a few minutes. Shortly after, she pulled away like awakening from a spell and saying Thank You, not even waiting for the dance to end.
I noticed she took her purse and went to washrooms.

Later when I asked her again, while she was dancing with other guys, she said a firm No

I left the place realizing something went wrong.
Anybody care to comment?