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I wish Frenchie was still here as our resident lesbian. She really had a good heart.

Hey I'm back ! as "peaceandlove" now...

First of all, thanks for those nice messages about me I've seen on the forum !
I did have this long story with a lovely woman (during 12 years !), but it ended last Christmas. Her family could'nt accept the idea of a lesbian couple but still just acted as if they liked me, even if they never talked with me all these years. My partner also has a nephew who is a narcissistic pervert, who wanted to possess my partner and took 5 years to destroy our couple, along with the hypocrisy of her family.
This is sheer homohobia. Never thought this could happen, I thought we were strong enough, as my partner was totally accepted in my own family.
My partner did not help, I had to carry this alone : she always said I was wrong, her nephew was so nice, etc. So she left, taking a lot of things in my apartment, being very nasty with (to ?) me.
Most of this is behind me now but it's quite hard to get her out of my head. The main thing is that I now have to regain self-confidence, which is hard after meeting such nasty people.
So... let's go forward !
I used to use WAGG, which worked very well on the social point of view, making everyone at ease with me. It especially worked with my partner... I read now that there is a lot of new stuff.
But if WAGG can be a good idea (I got some left), I'm looking for something which can help me first on the social side. If there is a scale bewteen sex and sensibility/emotion, I'm about 40/60, I'm highly sensible. My partner was more 80/20.
Any idea ?