Hey guys

Need your input.. First of all Hi to all my peeps... Its been a long time since Hornyman has last revisited!


I have a woman about 40, Albanian, hot, exposed to an alpha status sexy blend.. She loves it.. Its not sold here but I use it on her.

However, I find I need something more sexual when its time to close.

I have used NNPA but find it gives me headaches and causes too much aggression from men.

I have not used PI in a while.

I am mid 40's myself, so I would like to know if you guys think PI is the way to go? Should I go scented or not? And also how many drops would you recommend? Given I'm mid 40's and my target is 40 or so.

Also how long does PI last on the skin?

NNPA seems to go from social to sexual over several hrs.

Is PI like this or pure sexual?

Bruce can you chime in on what you think is best?