I am a long time user of products, I know they work and I know how to use various mones appropriately. I use AE and it gives me an a ll around balanced stud effect. SOE gets people very friendly and talkative to me. I used to use PI very successfully. Women would literally be all over me at times, most guys kissed my ass but I got in a few bad brawls when I OD'd. I have been using edge packs lately with a little soe and AI. I am getting a great effect but different then PI. I'm not using high doses but even when I used low dose PI, there was an edge in the air. Edge seems different, same confidence, women responding but the women seem more comfortable about the situation. I have read that the secret ingredient might be A1 in Edge and that would make sense about making women feel more comfortable and instilling more romantic feelings along with lust. PI seems like all lust. Edge also seems to work quickly and across distances where with PI, I had to get right next to them for a while. I know A1 is supposed to affect VNO and work at distances. I would appreciate hearing what effect you guys get from Edge compared to other none containing mones.