"Mirror Mirror, Who's the most smelliest of them all??"

Heyall lovely people, it's G here, been a loong time but found a super important topic to share and ask you about. I'm a regular user of Bruce's products, really doing well on the dating side but I am looking to find a proper girlfriend who smells super sexy, I like that strong musky sexy sweat that smells like the female sex scent down there and I tell you it's not all too easy to find thats for sure, and maybe you guys could help me out with your experiences and educated opinions please? I have a very interesting article about red-haired females having much more body scent than anyone else, check it out here:

http://larosaknows.com/post/11619056...ll-better-than (Been away from the forum for a while, please let me know mods if linking is not allowed)

So here's my experience, I've found that British and especially Irish and Northern UK females tend to have more chance of having more body scent, and I'm thinking that sexy smell, down low and also from their armpit/overall body scent as well that actually smells like musk and sex too and not the normal bad onion sweat. I want someone with the sexy stuff but hey you can't make an online dating ad going "You must have a sweat that smells like sex!" lol And further on, in my experience I've encountered it a bit more from Italian/Spanish girls than others, but it's too random still and takes too much time to try to date enough girls like these to find one who has the desired scent. And here's the thing, I just read about the redheads (funnily I never fancied redheads untill now, so I've never experienced one), and so I need you guys opinions on this please. And the big big question is:

Is it possible to determine any kind of group of females that one could assume more likely to have a strong and musky sexy body scent and sweat like this?? And do you have any personal experiences with this or good knowledge about this?

BIG thanks and hope to hear from you all!