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    Default Being told I smell good despite not wearing anything

    I've been told by at least 4 women recently that I smelled good, yet the only thing I'm wearing is deodorant (old spice pure sport). Mind you, this is at work, where I wear a uniform that probably doesn't get washed as much as it should (I do shower every day before work though). So, do you guys think these women are smelling my natural pheromone buildup on my work uniform? I mean, that's the only thing I can think of since I'm 33 years old, don't have nearly the 'mone spike that some young men have. Granted I'm active and eat consume a healthy diet. Any ideas?

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    If you eat healthy, stay fit and enjoy a reasonably calm mind, your natural pheromones should stay smelling good well past 33. My gf just turned 47 yesterday and she smells amazing.

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