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    Question Ever Run Into a Woman 'Mone User?

    I've been thinking about an older lady I used to work with, as I got FB'd by her recently. She was in her early 50's (I was about 27 at the time), and honestly she was not particularly attractive physically. And yet, for some reason I had this crazy physical response to her whenever she'd be around, from the first time I met her. Just her presence was enough for almost instant physical arousal, and I remember she had a perfume that was really nice, subtle and flowery. I had to actively think un-sexy thoughts around her!

    I always wanted to ask her if she used pheromones, as it's the only way I could explain that. I wanted to find out what she used so I could test it out! Have any of you had a similar experience? Or does anybody have an idea of what mones she might have been wearing to elicit that response?

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    If she was 50, there was probably some fragrance thing going on there IMO. I remember seeing a woman at the gym in Japan many years ago. She was young, not very attractive in the usual sense and had very bad acne. This has nothing to do with store-bought pheromones, but wow, that woman had a natural pheromone thing going like you can't imagine.
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