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Seeking Beta Testers for new women's pheromone product
Love Scent is recruiting 40-50 female pheromone users to participate in the beta testing of a new product for women. If you have placed an order with us anytime in the past 12 months, you qualify. Just respond to this email to sign up.

Testers will get a sample bottle of one of a number of possible formulas we are investigating. Your job will be to wear that formula out in public and fill out a questionnaire on your experience with the formula.

We are also looking for up to ten men to try out the formulas themselves. The mixtures are designed to be worn by women and have a fragrance designed for women to wear, but we are interested in the type of results that a man might experience as well. You can also have your spouse/partner wear the formula and report on your reaction to it.

If you are interested in participating in the test, please respond to this newsletter.

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A while back, we asked readers about the signals of attraction - how they know someone finds them attractive.

Overwhelmingly, both males and females said the eyes are the biggest giveaway. Many readers told us that when someone is attracted to them, they might notice longer looks, extra eye contact or outright stares, dilated pupils, or even "smiling" eyes. Lack of eye contact can also be a sign - some readers noted that people might go out of their way to avoid eye contact when they're attracted. Other signs include increased talkativeness, standing closer than is necessary, or blushing.

We also asked readers about the signals they give out when they're attracted to another person. Here again the eyes were an important factor. However, many female readers said they also signal their interest by asking questions, smiling, or willingly holding a conversation with the other person. More men than women said they would come right out and say they find someone attractive.


1. How do you know whether someone finds you attractive?

- Generally it is the eyes. Pupils dilate, and the eyes are "smiling" when someone likes you.
- They like to put themselves in close proximity to me and give an occasional slight touch to my shoulder or arm.
- If (her) gaze lasts longer than a few seconds, then she looks down before away, I know that's a good sign, and I don't question anything else from there on unless I do something really stupid. If she looks away quickly *and* doesn't look back, or looks away to the side, then she is telling me that there will be no next step.
- For some reason they also often mention their boyfriends, whether they have one or not. I guess it creates a sense of competition in a male.
- Watch to see if they look down toward the floor within a few seconds. Typically down and to the left. This body language signal of interest is universal. Also, watch for pupil dilation and touches on the arm.

- You can always tell if a man's interested by their eyes! If they're looking deep into your eyes, or if their eyes keep shifting up and down your body, you know they're checking you out.
- I know when they start gaping. Then they buzz around like a bee, and when you notice them, they are a bit embarrassed.
- I know if someone is attracted to me if they keep staring at me and when I stare back, they try to look away quickly or they'll come over to me and ask why I was staring at them (guys are so weird).
- It could either be as bold as a stare or as subtle as a side-glance. It's not just the look but the unspoken meaning behind the look.
- A dead give away is body language. Lots of eye contact. Huge smiles. Touching and being close.

2. How do others know that YOU find THEM attractive?

- I will try to glance at them and smile. Then look a little longer, without staring. If they seem interested, I will try to begin a conversation. I will try to look them in the eye but if I am nervous, I find that I fidget and look away or look down (at the floor) occasionally.
- I try and look them square in the eyes when I am talking to them or listening. At times I even try to give them a brief touch on the hand or arm.
- I will mention something distinctive about them that I find interesting or stimulating.
- I usually smile a lot and flirt with them, make jokes with them, tell them they have nice eyes.
- Constant, direct eye contact when with her, how close I stand to her.

- A man can tell I'm attracted if I walk up first and initiate the conversation. I am so much more outgoing and flirtatious if I'm interested.
- I am a true believer of eye contact and I will smile, not a big smile but a kind of "I like what I see" smile.
- I try to not look at them, I try to speak as little as possible to/with them, but if they are interested in me I will still pretend to not be attracted to them. It's like my own little game.
- A few brief eye contacts and then suddenly becoming very interested in those I am with or around me and ignoring further attempts at eye contact.
- I ask probing, intelligent questions and give him my undivided attention.
- Then there's the touching...a little tap on the shoulder, standing close to the person when I'm talking to him.


Q: I just recently applied for university. I knew I had a pretty good chance of getting in. My grades weren't all that, but my SATs were somewhat up there. Anyhow, I wrote my application and applied some Pheromol Factor on the pages and envelope, and also rubbed on some Primal Instinct. Not too much so it wouldn't stain. Anyway, I got accepted. Could pheromones really last that long when applied to paper? Was this a result of the pheromones? Just wanted your opinion.


A: Congratulations on the acceptance. I am quite sure pheromones last long enough on a letter to reach the recipient. Some readers have reported that pheromones seem to last as long as a week on cotton shirts, and even longer on paper. One reader even conducted his own test and applied pheromones to a letter addressed to himself. When it arrived four days later, he could still smell the pheromone 'scent.'

I have even seen some stories around about collection agencies using a small (probably subliminal) amount of androstenone to influence their prey.

If anyone is planning to apply pheromones to their letters or documents, I would recommend that you be careful not to use too much, because the cologne part will fade more quickly than the pheromones.

Good luck and don't forget to smile!

All the Best,