Two years ago, I have mixed NPA, A1 and CoolWater with good results.
Now, several weeks ago, I have amplified my mix with alpha-Nol.

Now, the formula of my currently mix contains:
0.6 ml NPA
0.4 ml A1 (love-Scent)
0.15 ml AlphaNol (Love-Scent)
2.35 ml Cool Water

total amount: 3.5 ml mixed in a to-go-atomizer with 0.125ml/spray

One spray contains:
14.3 mcg A1
5.1 mcg None from the NPA*
5.1 mcg Secret ingredients from the NPA*
3.5 mcg Alpha-Nol

* = assumed NPA contains 480mcg/ml pheromones with a relation of 1:1 None:secrets

Application: One or two spray on my shirt (seldom directly on my skin)

Approaching from women
Smiles from women
Getting telephone numbers from women (without asking about that)
Women are around me (low space, touching - even from women who do not know me)
Loooong conversations
kisses and more......

This mix rocks.....