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    day 1:
    4:30 pm, one dab, just enough to see moisture, to right wrist. spread to left then around ears and behind neck.
    4:35 secretary seemed more animated, but that could be just because. seemed too soon to be suggestive.
    5:30-6 social event to see a friend i am potentially interested in. she seemed really, really interested. she kept her foot turned toward me and listened nicely. the folks there were friendly too. may have just happened that way.
    7:35 lady next to me asked what that smell is, turns reddish. i asked her if it's something i am wearing. she says it smells like incense and must be a conglomeration of myself and another friend's scent.
    9:30 wash it all off. one drop, as opposed to dab, of npa. then off to coffeeshop to see. sat next to a group of women studying. no reaction, but i didn't talk either. talked to another girl and she seemed rather friendly.

    day 2:
    8:40pm: pulled plastic dropper out, took dribblage and a stopper out dab and distributed. ran into a younger lady i know and a couple friends of hers. sat next to them. older looking one maintained eye contact. they seemed amused, which could go either way. somebody mentioned Facebook, and I told the one I know she could add me. She said, "I dunno. Are you a stalker?" I said, "no, why would you think that? I like being around good people." so I dunno what to make of that. Maybe recording this carefully will help me make sense of what happens at what age(s) and how much npa. Off to another place.
    10:30pm woman who had acted shocked in the past because I didn't buy her a drink when she asked after she had known me for all of five minutes came and hugged and talked like we were old buddies. could have been respect due to the lack of supplication or it could have been nap.

    day 3:
    9:40pm stopper in dab to wrist, then stopper in dab to chest then behind ear to collarbone (one stopper in dab to each side. ***i shook bottle first upon seeing that this mattered on a forum***. then off to see old friend: she was all over me, which she would have been anyway. she really, really liked how I smelled and buried her nose around my neck and ear, whimpering when I tried to move.

    day 4:
    tried a mini-buildup where I didn't wash the application points with soap or at least tried not getting soap/shampoo too close. when we were smelling fragrances while shopping, she said a particular scent smelled really good, like me. she also made this thinly veiled attempt to secretly grope me, lol. but she has done that before.
    2:00pm bought some adidas move, thought i could mix (and easily being that the bottle is one ounce, which would be a 1:5 ratio, buy sprayer seems to be affixed. may try to get off and mix later.) one actual drop dropped on wrist with stopper in and spread to wrist and behind ears to below collarbone. Then 3 sprays of adidas move, one inside of each wrist and spread to wrists and neck. Then a spray of chikara scented on each forearm.
    ***i am considering mixing, but i don't want to dilute and i don't want to buy an atomizer***
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