37 year old male. Skinny, brainy. Into motorcycles (club guy) and martial arts too. Glasses, been told I look younger than I am. I know how to steer conversation toward sexual and/or romantic stuff. But it’s hard for me to get interest, know ioi’s, maybe both.

I bought some PherX, which didn’t seem to work so well anyway. And promptly ruined it by mixing it with patchouli and clove oil, heh!

I got my scented Chikara in recently and am interested to see how it works. I am wanting social lubricity and otherwise, lmao. Interested in women 20’s to 40’s.

My Chickara (scented) log mentions that lower sprays seem to work better than higher.

It also mentions that I am meeting up for coffee with this stellar 25 year old woman who is into a lot of the same things I am into.

I know that it's up to me to project and that Chikara is just the icing.

But how much sprayage and when and where to apply would you recommend? This could and will go very well for me, and I'd like your knowledge to help it go better,