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    Default Chikara (scented) log

    37 year old male. Skinny, brainy. Into motorcycles (club guy) and martial arts too. Glasses, been told I look younger than I am. I know how to steer conversation toward sexual and/or romantic stuff. But it’s hard for me to get interest, know ioi’s, maybe both.

    I bought some PherX, which didn’t seem to work so well anyway. And promptly ruined it by mixing it with patchouli and clove oil, heh!

    I got my scented Chikara in recently and am interested to see how it works. I am wanting social lubricity and otherwise, lmao. Interested in women 20’s to 40’s.

    Here is my log. I will be updating. Being as I am balling on a budget, I would appreciate any and tips, suggestions, questions, concerns, experiences that might help me maximize effects. Thanks, all y’all!

    Day 1

    2:30 ½ spray on right wrist, rubbed on left then behind ears, under neck, under nose. rocaware9 on top after drying. buzzing, lol.

    3:00 went to visit some female friends at their place of employment on way to part-time job as test. They weren’t there. Receptionist, early 20’s, fidgeted with the mouse pad, which may or may not mean anything.

    9:30 coffee shop. Flirted with barista. Told her my name just to see if she ioi’ed by telling me hers back. She said, “hi, I’m . . . “ then stopped herself.

    Day 2

    10:10 upped to one spray with all other variables unchanged.

    10:30 gas station cashier, early 20’s, gave prolonged eye contact while giving back change. Off to social function at bookstore.

    11:00ish cute cashier (late 20’s) at bookstore with borefriend, when complimented in the past, responded with “yeah, right! now that’ll be three dollars and eightyfour cents.” this time, she seemed to talk at length. Best part was after I told her I was glad I got to see her, she looked down and to the side, blushed, and said, “I’m glad I got to see you too.” Way cool. Not proof, but suggestive.

    Even more suggestive was when my 24 year old friend at the event was stroking her wrist, looking at me, and saying “I’ve been letting my inner whore come out lately.” She is usually bawdy, but the look plus stroke plus words give me hope for when I see her again. Win, I think.

    5:40 off to celebrate milestone with friends. Three sprays, same as above otherwise. Ended up being guys, friend zone females. No hits, though I would have liked one from the nerdswaggy waitress.

    Day 3

    8:10 two sprays no hits. Despite my being around women at work.

    1:20 one spray, same app method. off to go look at a house with an older friend of mine, married and in 50’s. not at all interested like that, but I wanted to see potential reaction. none.

    Day 4

    8:40 back to one spray like day two (less is more?), same as above. Wanting to see how it worked with somebody in particular. Didn’t seem to notice, but we weren’t close either. That might help.

    12:15 will hit one spray and spread. Get closer in with potentials and log effect if any.

    1:30 Got a good conversation and a great hug from a female I know. I told her I really liked her. She blushed a little and said, "Really??" I told her I was surprised she hadn't noticed. No body language other than the hug, but she was at least ok with it and receptive and suprised, perhaps pleasantly.

    5:00ish She and I were typing back and forth, we know a lot of the same people, and she wants to meetup for coffee! Once again, not proof but I know this stuff isn't at all hurting at this point. Will ask question about how much to use in another thread.

    Day 5

    Didn't use in daytime, considering conserving for social situations a little more. Waiting until coffee at 9 with yesterday hug lady. Before I went, I saw the Day 2 bookstore lady. She was very sociable but she didn't look down and blush or give any ioi's. She will check out my band that i used to play with. she and i are increasing rapport, so that is good.

    8:45 pm Three sprays, same as rest. Nothing particularly happened on coffee day, though i was steering the conversation to romantic and sexual slightly. we were also sitting in a booth across from each other, so i thought the stuff might obviously catch. nice time though anyway. and she is roomating with a friend closer to my age and more professionally established that i have been mildly interested in off and on when i thought about her.

    Day 6

    9:00 am Two sprays, directly on finger. Then spread to wrist and neck. Rocaware9. Teach at 9:30 and 12:30, so i can walk around the room a little just to see. like i said earlier, i want to target my use more though. nothing obvious happened.

    chatted with a co-worker, but hard to tell. she seemed as if she may have been a little more fidgety. it does seem like a couple co-worker are noticing my alphaness. when i mention relationships or how i have been handling thigs, they affirm that i am doing it right.

    6:40 pm one spray. Then . . . coffeedate with mid-20's friend with borefriend who i have been interested in since i divorced. she knows this. sometimes we get together. hasn't been sexual. i like her b/f, told her i would be romantically interested if she were ever available. we hint around a little while still being respectful of their relationship. and i try to treat her about like i would if i were her b/f myself verbally and how i treat her without suppilcating or, lmao, groping. she played with her boot, stroked things. good eye contact. perhaps about the same as usual.

    10:00 pm one spray as i went to friend's show. circulated moderately around females. but i did get to network with people in general concerning my recording some music and playing some places when i get a better job and don't have to scramble for hours so much. so maybe chikara helped with that?

    Day 7

    8:20 pm one spray. thought I would be hanging out with a female friend. we needed to take a rain check, so I ended up being around my family no no possibilities.

    Day 8

    8:20pm two sprays, no cover. friend from coffee came over to my house borrow something ten minutes later. no hittage. but she blushes regularly and looks down then off to the side. same reaction from the bookstore cashier too btw.

    Day 9

    11:10am fwb coming over. two sprays, no cover. not much different reaction, one way or another. which considering was jusstt fine indeed. ha ha.

    7:10pm two spray, no cover. group meeting at bookstore. the cashier i gauge with wasn't there.

    Day 10
    8am one spray, no cover. nothing happening. ordered NPA.

    Day 11
    taking a break to wait on npa . . .

    Day 12
    taking a break . . .

    Day 13
    taking a break . . .

    This log will be updated and changed.

    Comments, suggestions, tips, ways this product might work or work better greatly appreciated!
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