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    Default Primal Instinct - 2013


    I am a diehard fan of Primal Instinct and like an old man... am a stickler for tradition and dont like change too much. Heck I still have a walkman and still use Vinyl....and no, I dont ride a horse to work, cops wont allow it in my city.

    Primal Instinct (for men) was the first mone I ever started experimenting with from back in what, 1990's (99 maybe?)& have good results with it. Mind you, i never once ever was able to close with it though, but did see first hand and observed very scientifically noticeable behavioural biological changes when I had an application on.

    The very first formula seemed to have an effect and seemed to work. but then there was the whole issue where a new one came out, had a yellow round sticker on it and I read some posts, that one did not work very well.

    But then the latest one has come out and it seems I am no longer noticing the effects. I think, and I could be wrong, I did read somewhere where the carrier oil was changed from what it used to be way back when the very first primal instinct (for men) was released compared to now.

    Is that the case? or did body chemistry changes play a role? I mean I am much older now from when I first started using primal.

    a few questions on the chemistry side of things. (anyone with deep chemistry knowlege could answer as well)

    1. On the chemistry side of things, what is the change or difference in the 'carrier oils'?
    2. What is the carrier oil that was first used back in the 90's vs now?
    3. which company makes primal instinct?
    4. Whats the difference to having some mones in oil vs alcohol?
    5.not to violate trade secrets or anything, where can i find esearch into how these pheromones are made.
    6.without having to buy all the mones on the market and try to splash them on myself (can i design in a DIY chemistry lab, and make my own mones with their own molecular strucuture
    7. on the molecular chemistry side of things, so when the mones diffuse away from the application site (pulse point) and are in air, so they hit the nose of someone what happens? If there is no VNO or the VNO in the other persons nose requires a different mone signature to work , does the mones get breathed into the lungs and absorbed into the bloodstream and is broken down in the body ? or how does it all progress in a molecular sense.

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    Hi Charm,

    Nice to meet you. That's quite a post you've been saving up since you registered in 2008. Primal and I go back pretty far too. I definitely had my first bottle back before Love Scent was born.

    To comment on questions 1 2 and 3 altogether: there was never ever any change to the formula. What happened was that sometime back in the early 2000s, the market became flooded with counterfeit Primal. Love Scent was briefly victimized by the scam and it continues to this day. So, *know your source* especially well when buying Primal or any product claiming to contain pheromones. We have sent in dozens of bottles of various products over the years and the results have been shocking. The product purity history of what passes for Primal is particularly sad, because the authentic product is invariably on target. In conclusion, though it sounds like all the other biz propaganda on the internet, if you bought a bottle of Primal at Love Scent in the last 5 years (probably longer time frame really), it is the real deal and identical with the product that was manufactured before the bootlegging started. We guard the info on the name of the company, but it is outside the US and to my knowledge Love Scent is the only legal importer of the product, though we do wholesale on down the line to a wide spectrum of dealers, so Love Scent is by now means the only place selling authentic Love Scent, but be careful.

    5. All info is available somewhere on the internet it seems, but I am quite sure you will find the process is beyond the scope of the home lab.

    6. You can buy the individual pheromones and make your own potions, including legal steroids which aren't normally found in pheromone colognes.

    7. Great question; unfortunately borders on the medical and um, not qualified to answer (CYA answer)

    Thanks for the great questions.

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