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If you haven't tried Edge Trust, today is the day!

The banner on our home page says "$10. off", but really it's $20. off.
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Regularly $79.95
Sale price $59.95

Edge Trust Pheromone Spray contains a specially designed formula that can be applied directly to the skin or clothes. Edge Trust has a light fragrance that is suitable for use by both men and women. Each bottle has a unique combination of 3 mg Pheromones and 2mg of Oxytocin.


Oxytocin is a new chemical that is found to increase peoples level of trust in each other and facilitate social bonding. It also serves as a potential cure for shyness, depression and other social phobias.

Compare to the international top-seller, Enhanced Liquid Trust which retails for $99.95!
Edge Trust however has:
Far more sophisticated pheromone profile
Awesome fragrance
Same size bottle and Oxytocin content
Great looking bottle and box

Edge Trust is a far superior product for $40. less.
I personally recommend it!
Bruce Boyd

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