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    Default Silly question about Edge

    Hello, I have a silly question as this is only my second time ordering pheremones. When I got them this time, I got this bottle:

    photo (4).jpg

    My question is: is "Edge" the same as "The Edge" for women, or are they diferent mones? I assume they are the same, but one has a "The" and the other is just plain old edge lol so the titles are slightly different. I want to make sure, because the first time I got The Edge it worked great, but it was in gel packets and it looked totally different. I don't see the packets online any more , but the one I liked looked EXACTLY like this packet for mens except for it had blue font:

    ^^ That is what I want but the women's version. Is the pink bottle in the picture I took the same as that gel packet? Is it also the same as these?

    Also, are there other products in the same category as TE that work better? Like NPA or anything?

    If you get the TE gel packs in again, I will buy a bunch. I liked that form.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Hi Jazzy,

    The Edge and Edge are the same, but there are a lot of different products under that brand. The main thing is that the pheromones are the same for all the women's Edge products. Of course the men's packet that you sent the photo of has different pheromones from any of the women's Edge products, but the women's are all the same *pheromonally*. From there everything else can be different. The gel packets have a unique fragrance added AND they have the gel dispersion system, which can make a difference. Some people only like gel products for example.

    Hope that helps,
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