Hi all,

This post is to support to Kaiowa indigenous tribe. It's is to sing a Petition to the President of Brazil to revoke an "eviction notice" given to the Guarani-Kaiowá tribe (Brazilian doc.: despacho/ordem de nossa expulsão/despejo expressado pela Justiça Federal de Navirai-MS, conforme o processo nº 0000032-87.2012.4.03.6006, em 29/09/2012 ) .

As you may know, the Kaiowas have history of mass suicide and will be another one if they loose their land. They not asking for money, just your support to sing the petition to make a pressure on the federal government. The petition is hosted by a trusted site http://www.avaaz.org

the petition link is here, please spread this alert.

This blog shows the reality that the tribe is geting now. Beware the some photos a very shocking. (the blog is written in portuguese, but you can try google/bing translate tool)

The european brazilians have a big debit with the native brazilians. History is common in all america from north to the south.