Ladies and Gentlemen (mostly Gentlemen here anyway) I have returned from hiatus to my favorite discussion board online. My old username was deleted or I can't access it for some reason so I have to use this new one (old one was Cullmanzown). I have been a member and long time customer of this website since 2005 and have missed my experiences and experiments with God's gift to humanity: pheromones! I have actually still had a bottle lying around since my last order in 2010, which I neglected to find until recently when I moved. Because of this discovered treasure of mine, I have decided to divulge back into the world of mones and have ordered/received my "little love kit" as I like to call it. My order consisted of Edge scented, Chikara (I love the smell of this stuff) and a sampler pack with all the normal samples, AE, SOE, Edge (pack and wipe), Chikara gel, and a 1ml bottle of Pheromax which I have never used. I have lots of favorites but TE and SOE or Chikara are my single most favorites and those which show me consistent reliable results.

So I have started this thread to detail my experimentation and results on an ongoing basis and to encourage others to reply with results they're having. This board is getting a little dry from what I see! It's time to get some excitement back into MONES!

About me:
23 Years Young
Alabama USA native
50/50 German, Puerto Rican
150 lbs
Athletic build
Handsome yes, Brad Pitt no
New to mones: next to some people yes, generally no
Confident. No problem with women. Just enjoy science and experimentation

Ok. So my favorite combo is TE and Chikara. Because I'm young I DO NOT spray the TE. Eww. OD from hell and headache like Alcohol Poisoning. However, I spray chikara. So my every day mixture is 1-1 1/2 TE plus Chikara on top or SOE for days when I don't want a strong scent. I refuse to overdo my mones because I'm sensitive to smells and too much cologne smells just as bad as none at all.

The results I see are: respect from men. Generally honest, sincere, respect. No aggressiveness or agitation. They're friendly. Women: I get a lot more smiles, stares, and pupil dilation. Women also seem to like to touch me more. I get a lot more laughter touches, and what I call Jerk touches which is when I'm teasing them and they hit me and laugh. Anyway, I will be trying more of my samplers in combos and stand alones as well. I wish to keep this thread alive for research, study, advice, and to possibly help anyone who is struggling with the amazing chemicals that are Pheromones!

Thanks everyone! Jonathan aka Cullmanzown