First off, the -mones that I do have are as follows:

1. Chikara
2. The Edge (small amount)
3. Master
4. A7
5. Mojo Pro (For Men)
6. Liquid Trust
7. Instant Openness
8. NPA
9. Something else. Can't remember for the life of me.

I will be starting up some semi-comprehensive and comprehensive research into the effects of these pheromones in a more formal setting (with some informal implications) i.e. College (but not the party life-style). As such if anybody would like something done or a combination of any of the above done while in such a setting (classes, lounging, studying, etc) please post below. Additionally, I am open to purchasing further products to use in conjunction with those listed to improve this research. My wallet is not of unlimited depth; however, if you wish to make a suggestion, feel free to do so.

To all authors of previous studies and those of you with prior knowledge and experience; please also post any effects you have noticed when using the above products. I will be using the scientific method so no prior information will effect the outcome of this experiment.

Thank you!