Howdy, folks!

Popped in to ask a question, and decided to post something since it's been forever since I've last posted.

Nothing major, it's not a requirement, so I'll ask a question, and make a suggestion.

I do NOT KNOW how powerful it is, but I do KNOW that it works time after time! Never been around someone consistently to see if it causes THAT URGE.

How many of you have experimented with spraying a spray OR two of TE unscented to the CROTCH OF YOUR PANTS?

I've gone back to that as of late, and it still pulls eyes of the opposite sex down to that area. You may wanna play with it, take notes, and report back your findings. And you may be able to go deep into the research of what it does if you're always around the same females.

Just a thought, and the sharing of an OLD IDEA.

Ya'll play nice now, ya'hear!!!