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    Default Old-time user back with some questions

    (Pardon if I use any jargon has been awhile)

    First off, my current list of pheromones are:

    1. Scent of Eros (Unscented)
    ~I have had almost no success with SoE. However, when used I was not in the most social of environments or with friends. Thus, I believe, this lack-of-success is due almost solely on my own bad judgement.

    2. Instant Openness
    ~On the other hand I began volunteering at the BGC locally. Walked in that first day and found myself literally working alongside three beautiful women. Until this time to about three months before I had, more or less, forgotten about my pheromone products. Having just gotten out of my relationship I wasn't interested in another or even a one night stand, so I bought this product and started playing around. To my exasperation one of the female employees (that I was not interested in garnering a reaction from) had heavy sinus problems. I was forced to cleverly dodge mass remarks about weird smells when in her vicinity.

    3. aNONE
    ~I then made a mistake and applied two dabs of aNONE with a single dab of A7 with one spray of Instant Openness. The results were mixed. Minus the remarks of a urine like smell from miss sinus problems, one of the three reacted heavily to me in a VERY friendly fashion; no touching but a lot of open movements, smiles, eye-contact, laughing, and overall a very positive response. The second reacted almost offended and tended to shy away from my presence - I think it was obvious what happened here. The third, a younger 18-years reacted passively. Wouldn't move away much if I inched closer, kept eye contact and any conversation was strong. I never caught her actively looking at me, but she also never looked away unless she had to when talking. Come to find out, the 18-years was (at least) engaged. I believe this would explain the control I sensed. However, the effects of the pheromones, even that much, had the obvious positive effect even on an engaged (or perhaps married) girl.

    4. A7 (Scented)
    ~I am still not certain on how to use this product for me. As stated above I did use a little bit, not wanting to OD. This one is tossing me around with effects and amounts. Could just be not for me.

    5. A very empty bottle of Chikara lol


    Months ago I had meant to write a very detailed review on each of these products and their combinations. I then got terribly busy with school and life. Broke up with a year-long girlfriend, got a little depressed, gained some weight, started working out and here I am *puff puff*. In that time I concentrated heavily on the use of Chikara. It's soft and unobtrusive scent worked perfectly with my covered use of charm. Obviously I wasn't looking to pick anybody up, but it added heavily to the social aspect. College is back around the corner; last semester I got myself some pheromones due simply because I had a communications class which would require me to make many a presentation. I will go into more detail on this another time.

    As for my question(s):

    I currently have another bottle of Chikara in my cart and the new Mojo formula (out of curiosity). The above listed 1-4 I still have fair amounts of.

    ~What combination would be best for a College setting. Note that one of my classes I will be sitting, two days a week, for 2.5 hours per day. Chikara will work wonders just to keep me comfortable, anything else?
    ~I also have a Psychology 375 class called Learning. The information I have on the professor tells me that there will be a few presentations that will have to be given. As such, is there any pheromone product that is meant specifically to affect the user? i.e. Put me in a good mood, more confidence, etc? I had a product during my communications class that did just this...for the life of me I cannot remember the name.

    A little information on myself that could, perhaps, help some of you vets siphon out some answers:

    Age: 23
    Height: 6' 3"
    Build: Overweight, but only just barely for the moment. Solid muscle in my arms and military training has given me confidence to keep my back straight, eyes-locked, and to pervade (at least I hope so) some Alpha characteristics.
    Personality: Easy-going. I enjoy joking around and rarely get truly serious. I am also not the most confident when around women. Can I talk to them? Yes. Do I sometimes start to get awkward? Yuuup.
    Some possible issues: I sweat easily. Some pheromones have been known to irritate me and cause me to be neigh on unapproachable. At the very least I do become irritable. However, I have noticed this effect only on A7 when applied around my key neck areas.


    I am at best an average user. Thus, humbly, any information that can be given would be happily received. Btw, I have no spending limit.

    NOTE: I did some research and found out th at the product I was using during communications class is called "Master". Kept me brewing with enough confidence to get what I needed done and even get a few laughs from the crowd.
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