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    Default We have a Secret Name Game winner this week. Really, we do! :)

    Hello all,

    Each week, we will post a Facebook Fan winner at the bottom of our weekly newletter. This is NEW! This week, we forgot to put a winning fan name at the bottom (oops, sorry about this! , so, I'm printing the newletter here per request with this week's winner! We have a winner! Read here to find out who won:

    August 16th, 2012
    Greetings Love Scent Lovers,
    Super Deal on Edge Trust today...
    Edge Trust combines that awesome Edge pheromone formula with the latest trust tonic Oxytocin
    Each bottle contains a guaranteed 2mg oxytocin, the human hormone/pheromone found in research to be associated with feelings of well-being and trust.
    Get it today and save $20.
    Regularly $79.95
    Today $59.95
    Compare to the top selling Enhanced Liquid Trust
    Enhanced LT $99.95
    Edge Trust $59.95

    Our Facebook Fan of the week winner is...
    Amee Hall

    Thanks for shopping with us,

    How to play, win, and claim your gift:

    First like us on Facebook and become a fan:

    Sign up to Love-Scent’s newsletter for a chance to win in our NEW, weekly, Secret Name Game!

    Here is how it works:

    Go to our website
    Left column, about halfway down “Sign up for our Newsletter” enter your information and submit.
    Watch weekly to see if your secret fan name appears at the bottom on the newsletter.

    Secret Name Game Winner must claim their gift via posting a comment (post this: “Claim Secret Name Game gift”) on our Facebook wall, letting us know that they saw their name in our weekly Newsletter.

    We will collect your postal address in private via email in order to mail your gift. Please do not post your email on our wall. This is to protect you. Instead, please sign up here:

    Good luck all!


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    Default Yes

    +1. this is very interesting

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