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    Default effective amount of SoE?

    Hi, been a long time since I bought any pheros. Used them to great effect 10 years ago but never kept a record of what worked. Darn.

    Anyway, these days have zero libido and I'm not interested in conquests. If anything I want to develop close friendships with women possibly leading to something more.

    Used soe effectively in the past to re-conquer ex girlfriends, worked a treat.

    I'm 40, skinny but with a beer-belly, not alpha male at all.
    Applied my new bottle of soe on my forearms yesterday, but felt u couldbt get a lot out, and couldn't smell ky own fragrance really. How much should be used to get it noticed?


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    I don't think of SoE as a product to "get you noticed." To me it's more of a social pheromone that if anything may act as a balance to an overabundance of -none or an intimidating appearance.

    If you want to stand out I'd be looking at something like Alter Ego, NPA, or similar.

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    Getting into this conversation a little late but Rbt is right. SoE isnt something that is going to make you stand out but is does make a fantastic social lubricant and will help break down some very intimidating walls. I used it a lot when I was driving TAXI and when I did I always had great conversations with my passengers and always got better than normal tips too. When I am on the prowl I will combine two stripes of SoE on my neck with a drop of Alter Ego on each wrist. That usually not only gets attention but the SoE tends to mellow people out somewhat and make them more comfortable.
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