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    Default pheromone vs pheromone

    Hi all,

    Two questions for the more experienced users:

    Were you able to get a woman who became someones girlfriend due to pheromones ?
    Did you ever lose a girlfriend to some other guy also using pheromones?

    I'd appreciate your replies.

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    I never really pursued someone else's "girlfriend" nor lost one due to pheromone use or non-use as far a I know. Pheromones are only "helpers" and not really strong enough to overcome other factors in my opinion.
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    I had dinner Saturday with a guy who says he met the woman he is now married to while wearing WAGG. She is amazingly beautiful.

    There are a lot of things one can do to make oneself more attractive to the opposite sex. Then if you stop doing those things, or maybe (as you mention) someone else is also doing "those things" better, you might run into some trouble. There is risk involved in almost everything worthwhile we get involved with. Finding a loyal one-guy kinda gal can help minimize the risk considerably. Most of the women I have been involved with in my life were very loyal and once we got involved, I didn't feel like I had to worry about them. Others, um... not really worth the trouble IMO.

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