I just came back from the clubs. Dressed very nice. People always know I've got my shit together and that I've got a structures planned life with an abundance of money. I'm extremely imposing being nearly 100% of the time the tallest guy in the club and often the heaviest. 4 sprays of Chikara (Behind left ear, behind right ear, left forearm, right forearm) combined with 4 drops of WAGG (Behind left ear, behind right ear, left forearm, right forearm) and 1 spray of Nautica Voyage. I felt amazingly good, had just injected a large 130mg of testosterone into my muscle (my natural pheromone production is off the charts), and I got a colon hydrotherapy a few hours ago. I feel extremely clean and healthy. I walked to the club just to oxygenate myself and feel even fresher.

A male walks up to me, for 30 minutes we were talking. He was telling me he gets the feeling that I'm God. No joke, I've never been told that I was God. This guy was worshiping me. He said that he saw me, dropped his beer on the floor and was pulled towards me like a magnet. While we are talking, this epic female looking like the pornstar Yasmin Gold walks up to me and tickles my arm. Super women, 12 out of 10 in beauty, I wanted to drop a load in her like never before. The most ridiculous thing is that I day dreamed of her, hours before going to the club. She smiles while looking into my eyes. Then my "disciple" wants me to go fuck her.

I walk over to some girls because I see one of my friend's sister and she is a cuttie that I'd love to fuck. Wow, all seven of the girls were hooked on me, all of them in some sort of trans with a "fuck me face".

I decided to go dance on the dance floor, I start dancing in a shitty area and then suddenly a group of babes start dancing around me, you can tell they are all super excited by something (me).

I leave to go to my friend's restaurant. Usually everyone keeps to themselves. This time, I talked to all the kitchen staff, cashier and customers. People I don't even know saying: "I'm so happy you are here tonight".

Powerful mix.