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    Default Newbie - What works?

    Hey all, I am new to this.

    I am 38 years old, married 15 years, 3 kids and one on the way. I would like to find a good combination of fragrance and pheromones that would kick up my sex life. I am sure kids have something to do with it but I have had a high sex-drive for our entire marriage and she hasn't and I'm wanting more than the once-a-week service sex. So I am looking for something that might help create some gravity between us.

    I bought the starter pack that has Edge Spray, also I bought SOE gel packs, and Alpha 7.

    So far I have tried a spray of Edge directly on the wrists and neck with Aqua Di Gio cologne. Didn't notice anything but maybe a couple of gals in the coffee shop line looking at me more than normal.

    Also I have tried 1 SOE gel pack with 1 drop of Alpha7 (total) spread on the same wrists and neck spots. I think I FELT more "hot" and I noticed a woman looking at me - but then again maybe I am noticing these looks because I am looking more to see women's reactions!

    Anyway - I could use some help figuring out a game plan for what to try. I have NOT mixed any of the Edge spray with the musk oil into the atomizer that I there pheromones actually in the musk oil???

    I appreciate any thoughts on this!

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    There is a little NOL in the musk oil I think, but nothing to "worry" about. I wouldn't mix it into the Edge until you are more experienced. Just mix them together on your body (probably wrists) for now.

    There is no denying the "pheromone buzz" as some call it; *feeling* more sexy and that in itself is a powerful aphrodisiac. So, it's not just about looking for reactions, but there is definitely the element of getting more pumped, which affects the outcome in a big way.

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