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    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to pheromones and received my sample pack a few weeks ago and really looking forward to putting
    these things to good use! I just need a little help with doseage though..

    I'm 20 and I used a teeny amount of the sample packs of 2 occasions so far with no reactions - am I using too little?
    I know on each packet it says 1 application but I'm worried about over doing it! Also..with it being a sample pack can
    anyone tell me whether to use each individually and test... or use several together and test?


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    Hello and welcome,

    I would use at least half of a packet. I would say the average dosage would be 3/4 of a packet. The idea was to make sure there was enough in there to serve anyone who might use it for one good use.

    For the other questions: I would only use one product at a time until you really know what you are doing with pheromones.

    Good luck,
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