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    Default Hit reports

    Hit reports used to be common here and I'd like to see them come back. As such, I'll start. Let me mention that in the past I had few troubles attracting women. Several issues came along that took me out of the game for a while and now, at 55 years old, I am just getting back into it again.

    In any case, on Thursday I was in line in a burrito place to get lunch. It's close to my office and healthy food so they know me pretty well. At the time I was wearing three drops of A7 and pure musk oil, both smeared on my chest and shoulders before getting dressed. A woman came up behind me in line, stood a few feet back for a moment then moved closer. When I glanced back she smiled and started a conversation. While building my salad I was kidding with the manager and workers, all female, and the lady behind joined in. She mentioned a couple times about talking to me later. As I was getting my drink she came to stand beside me and chat some more. We ended up swapping phone numbers before she left to go back to work with the intention of my calling her this weekend.

    A definate hit!

    Come on folks, share your results.
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    Yesterday a half hour before I am going to the Disco, I have applied one (short) spray of chikara on my neck. The first hour, nothing exceptionally happens. The DJ played good music such as songs from AC/DC, Metallica, Manowar and all these good old hits and I was dancing on the dancefloor.

    Then about 2 hours after I have applied the chikara, a woman (about 38 years old) begin to dance direct in front of me and touch me during dancing. At first I have thought it was an coincident. But after I have moved my place suddenly this women danced in front of me again. Then after several minutes suddenly she looked deep in my eyes, huged me and kissed me ( up to this time without saying a word).

    What was happened the rest of the night is a secret

    Note: This was a five years old chikara-bottle. Mones seeems to be indestructible

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    I got a few.Usually during my week when I go to the gym after work when my natural pheromone level is peaked I apply some Soe and head on to my workout.Now I've noticed one of the older but beautiful gym trainers tend to follow me around from machine to machine.Everywhere I go she followed.We haven't spoken a word to eachother but I keep catching her gazing at me.Not only her but I get the DIHL from quite a few woman I stop next to when they are on a different machine.They get all flustered and seem to forget what they were doing.

    Also on Thursday night I happened to wear some 2 sprays of chikara on my neck and shirt as me and 3 friends took of for Boston bars.As soon as I walked into the bar I had an woman maybe around 28 come up to me and smile as she said hi.As I moved my way along the bar I was getting all sorts of head turns from young woman and the guys there seemed to be afraid of me and treat me as if I was the bouncer.It was funny.

    That's all I have for recent hits.Nothing to blatant but atleast I know they are working.Keep them coming guys I always enjoy the stories.

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    I've been busy testing new fragrances, but I have been getting great hits from ylang ylang Primal lately. I'm quite sure A7 would work better; it's the YY oil that is making it mellow. YY and A7 would be an even greater mix, no doubt.
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