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    Default Cougar in the prowl. What should I use on these young men circling my den?

    Why is it that as I get older that more younger men are pacing around the outside of my den trying to get my attention?

    Their noise is getting louder by the day and I am getting tempted to pounce! I have the usual Love-Scent items, but could use something new for the age group of 25-30 males of all races. Asian males also since they are abundant in my area.

    This attention by the younger set is strange for me. the older guys are almost bored with me. Perhaps the youngsters miss their mum. I must be sending them messages that I like the attention, but I feel silly sometimes when they get a rash of shit for flirting with me. I suppose being married with kids makes me more of a mark for them. I sat next to one of my admirers the other night and he first showed me both his hands to prove he would not get fresh with me. I am old enough to be his mother!

    So forum members please give this Cougar a new scent to wear so she can have one last laugh before the curtain lowers on her sex appeal.

    Sweet Thing

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    I'm still working on the partner product to the Japanese style product Chikara. That would be a perfect match; probably be another month before it's done. Have you tried PCC? That's popular?

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