hey everyone, just wondering if i can get a question answered-- what am i doing wrong?

i've been wearing NPA (unscented) and Chikara spray a couple days a week for probably a month now, to absolutely no effect. i've been wearing them out to clubs, bars, restaurants, or even to college classes or the gym and have gotten no reactions. a girl friend told me i smelled really good once, but that's it. i can't smell the pheromones, so i started low and kept working my way up until i was wearing 3 dabs of NPA and 3 sprays of Chikara, and still no OD or anything.

BTW im a white, skinny male, 21, and probably a 6 or 6.5/10.

i've tried all the different combinations--NPA mixed with cologne, by itself on the neck or chest, or covered with another scent. Chikara on the neck, wrists, etc. but i also noticed the smell of the Chikara fades pretty quickly, so does anyone know anything about skin absorption rates? maybe mine just absorbs the pheros really fast.

anyways guys, thanks for the help if you can give it.