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    Default My First Chikara/NPA Experience...

    Hey all!

    I've been a customer of LS for about a year or so now. This morning I got my shipment of Chikara, NPA and Alpha 7 due to several posts about the success people have been having.

    So I opened it up, took a small drop of NPA, put it on my wrists and the rest of the residue behind my ears. Then took two sprays of Chikara on my neck.

    I had to go to our other office to load some stuff up for a trip we're doing and I made my rounds of saying hello to some of my coworkers.

    Now, I'm usually known by our admin department as "the guy who smells good". I don't usually wear pheromones, mind you, I just like to smell nice. hah


    Hit 1: I walked into Admin and gave the first gal a hug. She usually compliments me on my smell and this time is no exception. This time though, she said. "Oh my God you always smell so damn delicious." Usually it's not that enthusiastic.

    Hit 2: Walked up and gave the second gal a hug. And she rubbed my arms and said, "Wow you do smell good." Then gave me another squeeze.

    Hit 3: Walked up to the last admin gal and gave her a hug. She said, "I could hug you all day, you smell incredible." And made sure I gave her another one before I left.

    Hit 4: This is more funny/awkward than anything...but I felt it worth noting. A male coworker gave me a "bro hug" (haha) and was like. "Damn dude, you smell great. Makes me wanna slap your ass!" It totally made me laugh. NEVER have I had a guy say that haha.

    Anyways, I head to a tradeshow in Atlanta tomorrow. I have to mingle with 100s of people so I'm curious to see the hits I may get there.

    Thanks for reading!

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    It looks like you have had good experience with LS. Congratulations!

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