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    Cool Alpha 7 Unscented...

    I received my Alpha 7 unscented yesterday and i am so exited to try it out,i tried one drop this morning on top of my armani aqua di gio but didnt see any difference., i know we have to test it out for couple of weeks.....

    i used chikara scented before but no luck, so i would like to try alpha 7.

    Please suggest me some tips and tricks , good way to use and where and how many drops.

    can i use it on top of my cloths ....?

    I appreciate the help.

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    My main advice is to try out all pheromone products around people you don't already know. This actually applies to other factors affecting attraction: clothing, new haircut, beard, glasses, whatever. If you think about it, you might get jokes from your friends about the "new you" and get double takes at the mall. Ask for help from the female sales help at the mall and see what happens.

    RE mixes, I would apply the A7 and cover it with the Chikara. Without a doubt, that would be my first try.

    Clothes are a great choice for saving money, but it takes a while to wash out.

    Good luck,
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