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    Default Perception - smell

    Hi guys,
    I'm a 32 year old female and I have been using Perception with great success for a couple of months now. I have a question though, does it have a smell? I can't smell it myself but I think I can't really smell none in any case. I'm asking because my 'target' has made a comment about me smelling funny a couple of times. He does joke about these things so it could be nothing but I'd hate to be walking around smelling all 'sweaty' or whatever it is!
    Any thoughts? Would really appreciate it...

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    If I recall Perception is unscented. In fact IIR it used to come with a separate fragrance sprayer (spray-on version). The gels I think are always unscented. Also IIR it was really a very basic -none/-rone/-nol mix, so there would be some possible "stinky stuff" in there. I never noticed anything.

    For me Perception was best for the carrier, which was as I understand, actually what what was being tested. Applying Perception over another product made that other product last longer. Fragrances lasted longer, pheromones lasted longer.

    In any case it's probably best to use some sort of "cover" fragrance with it, except in this case the fragrance would go on first.

    Plus "smelling funny" may be a turn on yah know.... it could be a "good" "funny" smell.
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