A friend and I have been spending a pretty solid amount of time searching pubmed for real peer reviewed studies on the effects human pheromones. We're not done looking, but so far, I've seen very little in support of the theory that human pheromones can act as a sexual attractant. The only papers I've found that seem to address the issue head on were written by JV Kohl. Looking more into Mr. Kohl's own credentials, we discovered that, at the time he published his landmark paper, he was working for a less-than-reputable product research company, as a "research coordinator" - basically someone they hired to stir up research for the sake of selling products. It's also worth pointing out that said paper was not published in a reputable journal, though he did later write another paper, which was published in a marginally more reputable journal. In the second paper, Mr. Kohl, as though making a non sequitur, mentions that pheromone science might help us connect creationism with science. I'm not here to judge anyone's religion; I'm just pointing out that it's not the sort of thing you might expect to hear from a scientist of biology or psychology.

I've also noticed that JV Kohl is a member on this forum and was banned several years ago. I'm interested in knowing why, as I have some SOE on the way, and I'd like to understand the character of the creator a little more.

The research article forum is showing as having no threads when you click into it, even though from the main page, it says that it does have threads. It's probably a forum or database error, but as the last post was in 2008, it's probably keeping any new research from being posted, which is a real shame.

There are some studies that talk about various pheromones having various effects, but none of them confirm nor deny that pheromones have the effect we're interested in them having. This is rather frustrating, considering how simple it would be to construct such a study. Given the time and funding, I'd gladly do it myself. I've used pheromones myself in the past with some success, but given the current state of research, there's no strong evidence to suggest that my results or the results of anyone else are anything besides placebo.

I would really like to use pheromones to my benefit, but even after scouring the science journals for data, I'm left empty handed and disappointed. Am I missing anything that someone can point me to?