Hi friends.

Im new here.

First of all sorry for by bad english, its not my native language.

Two months ago i got a NPA (thanks LS for shipping overseas!).

I must admit i was really skeptical about it despite of reading many good results with it.

Im 28yo, normal shape, looking good.

I've been testing NPA ratios since i got it, and i guess i got my ideal ratio.

Today i applied 6 dabs of NPA and a cologne before going to the college.

I really could notice the difference. I counted 5 different girls looking at me.

Using NPA make the girls look at me in a different way, i cant describe exactly. Three of them looked like they were scared, maybe i OD?

Well even if i OD, all i can say it works. Some way or other way, it does work.

I had another experience some days ago that i was really shocked. I was looking for a girl, then she looked to me and smile. Class was over and i was going back home. But started acting not like i always do: i could not take her out of my mind, had a momentary obession. Then i waited to her leave the college and as soon as i saw her i told her she was f*ing beautiful and delicious. I applied two drops of NPA that day. Im shocked because i've had never act like that in my life, neither when drunk or so.

Now i cant say a word to her because i'm very, very, embarassed since that day.