First of, I rarely post on here, but I'm definitely not a "newbie" when it comes to pheromone use, as I've been buying products off this website and AD since 2007.

My questions mainly concern pheromone storage, breakdown, and effectiveness of the products over time.

Firstly, back in 2007 I bought a bottle of A314 from this website, along with A7 and SOE. The SOE worked wonders at starting up conversations, and I used it very well in a very quick time. The A7 I'm still unsure about as I have rarely seen many hits with it, however at one stage the screw cap split, and I'm not sure if a lot of the pheromones would have evaporated from the bottle. I have sine kept the bottle tightly wrapped up in a plastic cover, almost like a bubble wrap, and I break it open and re-seal it when I need to, but I defintely have found the potency and efficiency of the product diminish over time. With the A314, I have kept it sealed and stored in an air-tight container (I do it with all my other pheromone products too). The container is one of the big protein-powder containers with a screw-on lid which can store many bottles at a time when empty. Last week I finally decided to crack open the A314 and run with it at work for a week at 3-4 drops a day. I used to own another A314 bottle from AD, and that one had a different smell alltogether, and a much stronger one, which I believe was from a newer batch they produced. The one I opened which I bought from Love-Scent seems to have a duller scent and very different one too, which is not as potent. Does this sound correct, or do you think something may have happened to the composition of the pheromones and fragrance over time? One other thing I should mention is that the bottle is still full after these years, and the room temperature in my room can vary from in the mid 30s celsius in summer, down to single digits celsius at times in the winter. The storage space is tucked right way at the back of a cupboard in a dark covered place, and the big containers I store them in are dar-blue in colours, but are made of hard plastic. Just want some peace of mind as to whether these bottles are still good to use, and how effective they will be after all this time, considering how and where I have stored them.

Secondly, in a second purchase from Love-Scent I bought some Regant Grade Androstenone and Androsterone, and both seem to have evaporated down to 2/3 bottle from full bottle over the last few months of having them here, without me even opening them up yet. Is this normal? Especailly under similar storage condtions? They are actaully stored in a smaller, air-tight container in the same cupboard as my other pheromones.