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    Default No results, any suggestions?

    I purchased the newbie pack with The Edge and it came with the Juniper Berry w/NOL. No luck with those. Although I do like the Juniper Berry as a scent. I ordered the Mistress sample and only got one use out of it as half of the tiny bottle leaked. No results but only could try once. I also ordered Cleo Beta. I've mixed all three, done each separately. Used more, used less...etc. Not seeing any results. I'm going to give mones one last try but what should I choose? EoW, PI, AE, PCC? I can't afford to keep trying all of these formulations and not have any success. TIA for any suggestions!


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    Wink any advice ?

    Hello AA,

    Others will be better placed to advise you but ...

    - Gel packs are an inexpensive way of trying different 'mones.
    - have you read the reviews on each product on the LS website to assess which product to try next ?
    - I think that 'Mistress for Women' is designed to generate self-effects on you - when applied under the nose i.e. to make you feel more confident, etc. to approach 'targets'.
    - the effect, or not, of ' mones varies with situations - smokey atmospheres, not getting close enough to people, body language.
    - persistence - using 'mones on a regular basis (washing off in between to avoid build-up ...) without consciously looking for effects - 'the watched pot never boils' ... Things happen when least expected.
    - applying 'mones to different part of the body e.g. neck, hands, arms to maximise exposure.
    - vary the cover scent used - e.g. getting tester sprays from eBay.

    A few ideas ...

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    I agree with the first reply, try the packets first. I tried a bunch and only Perception worked for me, so it does take some experimenting. I secretly tried them out on my boyfriend. It's best if you can try them out in the same setting and person. You can even try on a male coworker, if your single. I would try a small controlled setting instead of a night club because you may be getting hits and not even realize it. Elevators are also good place to try them. You can usually see a perplexed look on a guys face when the mones hit his nose because he will be wondering why he is all of a sudden drawn to you, I have even seen some guys get red in the face. For me the Nones seemed to work better than the Nols? I guess it just depends on your body chemistry, but keep trying they do really work.

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