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Thread: EoW and Primal

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    Default EoW and Primal


    I'm 24 and I've been using Primal on and off for about 2 years. Have noticed some decent effects, although not sure whether due to the mones or because they make me feel more confident!

    Anyway, i decided to try EoW as i've read some very positive reviews. I received my order today and literally tipped the bottle onto my index finger and dabbed behind my ears (it was probably less than a drops worth). The smell was sooooo strong!! I really struggled to mask it with my strongest perfume and also one of the perfume concentrates sold at love scent (the Ralph version). For about 2-3 hours after application i kept smelling the EoW and it really did make me feel slightly nauseous, and that was using only the smallest amount! My question is, am i applying this correctly? Also, does EoW smell as offensive to men as it does to women?! I want to try it on a night out this weekend, but i really can't see how that smell can be attractive to anyone!

    On another (interesting) note, my dogs seemed very interested in me! Our bitch seemed quite submissive, with her tail between her legs, but the males kept following me around. I hope this doesn't mean i'll be followed round by the neighbourhood pets whilst wearing this!!

    All comments/ suggestions very welcome,


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    It reminds me of the buddy I gave some TE to. His wife never noticed but their cats did. Wouldn't leave him alone!

    EoW stinks, that's true. I've never been around a woman wearing it, to my knowledge. All I can suggest is wearing still less of it or diluting it with some perfume before appplying it.
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