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    Default What works for Bi-Racial Asian males?

    I have a nice little stash of Love-scent products, but I have read here that they do not always work on Asians. I have an interest in attracting a bi-racial Asian male that wears a ton of his own fragrances. I figure his sense of smell is completely damaged by now. What would catch his attention? He seems to go for glam gals. I am not glam but make him laugh.

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    You could drop a hint that some women (so I've heard ... ) like the 'just from the shower' smell on a chap i.e clean & soap.

    Or buy him a fragrance that you like & tell him to apply it sparingly.

    Pheromones are not blocked by fragrances as they are detected by the different part in the nose (VNO) so they will work anyway. Fragrances can, however, mask any unpleasant odour of 'mones due to 'none & copulins.

    You could buy some clothes in a different style, or have a new hairstyle so that your image is new & different.

    Or look at others .....

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    Products: Ammo, Turn Up The Heat, and Pheroproof (MX101)

    I sorted them according to change in level of reactions, and in this case it is based on aggression. African American males, after certain level of exposure, have shown higher level of aggression than others. The reactions ranged from verbal abuse to fist clenching. African American males (co-workers, friends and neighbors) that I hang out with are generally peace loving and reserved. This change in reaction definitely told me to avoid using –none products around them (this does not goes for everyone).

    For White males, they’ve occasionally have displayed signs of agitation. From friendliness before application to “I don’t feel comfortable around you” type of sign after application.

    Strangely, I got positive reactions from Latinos when wearing –none. No touching or flirting or anything, but I got quite a bit of “scent compliments” like “Dude you smell nice, what you wearing?”

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